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Computer Forensics For Civil Lawyers

We have years of experience dealing with lawyers in all practice areas and know what is required during a computer forensic investigation from a legal point of view. Over the years we have built up continuing relationships with a number of leading law firms and have used this experience to enhance our services.

In this day and age, more and more cases revolve around digital media, and this trend is rising sharply. Our priority is to support lawyers when dealing with computer evidence at the earliest stage. This could mean consultation from the outset, or ongoing training sessions to equip lawyers with the necessary knowledge needed to assist them in such cases.

Unfortunately, we often get involved during the latter stages of the case. Our advice is - speak to us early, free of charge.

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Search & Seize Orders
We are often called upon to attend premises subject to a court search order for the purpose of capturing digital evidence. In such cases, even the most experienced lawyers have found the advice given by our former New Scotland Yard Detectives invaluable.

We offer free consultation prior to any such action, something that we have found to be extremely beneficial on the day.

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